Communication Development


We all face the common problem which is how to efficient & proper communication with other person. so, due to bad communication we can not share our ideas. therefore, there is some tips to improve our communication skills…

1.Look your body language

When we talking with our friends we don’t care how our hands movement in front of him? but  during important meeting or presentation we must  care about them like how you make eye contact or how feel comfort during video presentation.

2.Avoid unnecessary conversation fillers

When we speak with someone at that time we usually speak speak some unnecessary work like “um”,”ah”,etc. these words gives negative impression on your opposition mind. So,when you confuse before complete your sentence at that time try to simply relax and pausing some few minutes.

3.Prepare a small script for talk or speech

If you give a speech or talk in front of audience, you must be have a prepare with well formed scripted  because  during speech if you break our flow then it’s gives negative impression for you. so, try to speech  well formed speech.

4.Put away distraction

When talking with someone at that time we must avoid chatting through mobile phones or extra activities which is creates distraction with you and your opponents. due to this abstraction your opponents hangs in your conversation and you busy with your activities. so, we must avoid that types of activities.

5.Tailor your message to your audience

When we gave a speech in front of audience at that time you must know who is audience?what is  expected from you? so you must  analyze that things and try to prepare speech according this analysis. at the end of speech, audience should  impress by you so, we can give a short message or quotes to the audience by you like…

Nothing is impossible in this world – Audrey Hepburn

gratitude change everything

6.Be brief rather than deeply

When we communicate with another person at that time don’t go deeply just give an overview but your topic must be understandable by your opponents. 7 C’s communication angle include all things there are clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous.

7.Understand opposition empathy

we generally meets our neighbours, co-workers,relatives,etc. we should know our opponents listening capacity and which topic that they interested. so, try to speak with them listening or talking  threshold level therefore they don’t feel boring or over listening. in short you must take care about opponents empathy.

8.Listen,really listen

We often goes to listen some expert speech or seminar at that time our physical body presence in that room or hall but our conscious mind loiter alter shelter. That thing is not good for both listener and anchor. So, every time listen carefully.

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