Free Time Schedule


Your free time schedule indicates the days and times that you are available for meetings. Users who have access to your free time schedule can check your schedule to see when you are available when they schedule meetings.

Free Time  Schedule

Our life is much busy with our work but sometimes we are free our work or we were completed our work before deadline. many people don’t know how to spend them extra time so, they  waste them precious time in any helpless activities. Everyone works differently, so the best use of your free time really depends on you, your working style, and what’s on your to-do list. we give just some tips which helps you to  how to spend your free time.

1. Do exercise and meditation

If we are free in early morning then we can use our time invest in do some light-weight exercise or yoga. Due to this, our mind remain fresh and don’t get negative thoughts and also it is energized. so, our whole day going with superb freshness.

2. Read magazines and newspaper

Every moments world is changing and if you are not contact with it then you are feel backward than world. so, what to do go with world? we must read newspaper and magazines in our free time. because they aware us to in market and also increase our general knowledge.

3. Play your favorite games

We all are habitual to play games if we have free time. this is good thing not a bad. if you are working in your office and your work is complete before your leave time then you can play indoor games and play outdoor game if possible. Both types of game are developed are creativity power like indoor games develop brain-power and outdoor games develop our muscle-power.

4. Watch inspiration and motivational videos

Today  every person are look like a body without life at the night due to whole day working. they don’t responsible for this condition because man has limited power he is not a machine. so, obviously he should be  tired.  at that time they have a some inspirational and motivational videos like some spiritual videos which increase our confidence level.

5. Surf the internet

Today everything is connected with internet. you are in any field but internet is required so, you must have basic knowledge of internet. its provide various kind of information which relates to your field and also connect to the world’s new current affairs in market. if you have a laptop or mobile you can surf internet anywhere. this is the best way to spend free time.

“The internet could be a very positive step towards education, organisation and participation in a meaningful society.”

6. Expand our comfort zone

If you feel comfort with some special friends then spent time with his and share your problems with his. In free time, make new friends either make close relation with old friend so, you can expand your comfort zone.

Write down the things that excite and energize you. Look for activities and experiences that will bring this about for you.

Try new things that you’ve always wanted to try but make excuses for not doing, including by saying you haven’t “got the time” – use your free time!

7. Be a volunteer

If you have some extra abilities and you have also extra time then you must be become a volunteer.  If you have enough free time to give of your time to others in need, this can be a very fulfilling way to give back to your community or society. you can ask the volunteer for your related field.  you can build knowledge, expertise, and reputation through volunteering and find it becomes an incredibly fulfilling experience that helps many others.

“ Volunteering is at the very core of  being a human, no one has made it through life without someone else’s help.”

8. Spend more time with your pets

If you have not a any pet then this is good time for got pet. because pets are very loyal for his owner.pets are also useful in free times. some pets  have playful nature like dog. so, we can play with them and enjoy our free time.  Look for a pet from a local animal shelter, and you’ll save the pet’s life and become the center of each other’s world.

“ Until one has loved an animal apart one’s soul remains unawakened. ”

9. Prepare a diary

Some people write  their activities during whole day. This is good thing for past reference when we required.  If you have a diary, put your leisure and social activities into it. You might want to colour code your schedule. You could have one colour for school and/or work and a different colour for hobbies and social activities.