How can I make my brain sharper, smarter and faster?


Making a point of shaking up routines and proactively exercising your brain are both key to a more vital and sharp mind. Some of the reported benefits of brain exercise include faster thinking, … Smart Ways to Improve Concentration and Focus … Here aremy favorite neurobic exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime.

Follow some tricks and you will get your brain sharper, smarter and faster

Our brain sharper is critical parts of our precious  body, so we every time try to maintain that it works properly and keep healthy.we often uses some tricks that increase the our brain power. Then make it sharper, smarter and faster.

1. Listening music:

Hardly some person we will find that are not interesting in music. music is play very important role in our brain. To listen  any music like your favorite  song, ghazal, instrument music rec.

2. Mind concentration

To concentrate your mind in single thing in deeply. Like concentrate your mind in   your mercifully god. try to concentrate in  god at least 20-30 minute in single day.

3. Mug up Sanskrit shlokas

This is an orthodox technique but it most powerful than any techniques. it is bit long process but after 1 year your brain is very sharp and your memory power is very high then you had expect.

4. Positive attitude:

Your brain set as your attitude so, why we thinking negative any topic. therefore,keep  positive attitude in every field.

5. Play your favorite games

Game is another stunning point of our brain and life. when we playing our favorite game at that time we don’t know who am i?  game is also plays important role in physical health. a well known quotes is “keep healthy mind in healthy body”.

5. Introspection

Introspection means to know yourself with your bad point and  good point. this technique improve your brain power and also improve your confidence level.

7. Feel your brain is young

It is  no matter how you old but  you can feel  young  through your mind set. Like for example the Pitamaha Bhishma the grandfather of pandvas and kaurava is feel young on 130 years old.

8. Rub your brain

This is done by using..

  • Reading newspaper  &  magazines.
  • Try to  solving puzzles & aptitude.
  • Discuss yourself with in a day before take any action
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