Improve Creativity Power


There are two parts to our creativity. One is our creative power. The other is our creative ability. Creative ability is different than creative power. The two are integrally linked and often seem inseparable but they are different. Creative power is about using the energy aspect of energy consciousness. Creative ability is about using the consciousness aspect of energy consciousness

Improve creativity

Nowadays everyone try to create or invention in his field, but they can not do this due to lack of creativity power.

How can we improve our creative power?
Whether you are an artist, writer, scientist, web designer, marketer, sales person or business executive, being more creative means you’ll come up with more and better ideas and have more fun while you are doing it. some tips for increase creativity..

1. Spent time alone

When we feel suffocation during our working time at that time we must go outside the office or working place and spent  some time alone. because when you  alone at that time our creative power is increased very high during this session.

We  have lots examples of scientists who developed or discovered any new things, at that time they are alone. like sir isaac newton discovered  a law of gravity at that time he spent his time under the apple tree.

2. List problems

Man is social animal. So,today every person encircled by the numbers of different problems. Sometimes your problems  are misleads to you and due to this, you don’t  create any new things. So, you must list your major problems and try to solve it. So,your mind keep cool and it can think new positive thoughts because someone says..

Healthy minds contain a healthy thoughts

3. Face the problems

We have earlier  discussed there are numbers of problems are encircled us. So, we must go against that problems because if some  wrong beliefs are intrude in your mind in teenage or young age then it is very difficult to remove it in our mind. that kind of problems don’t develop our creativity.

We must sure about future planning because  our future is safe then we can do our work with deeply and get better result. Also improve creativity due to deep working.

4. Develop self-dependency

Don’t take this to mean that you should disobey your superiors–just start learning to do tasks on your own. This can be a little tough if you try to do it all at once. Start small, and work on becoming more independent each day.

If this skill achieved by you then you can judge yourself means if you are take some work after think some minutes you can say i am capable for this work or not. After all you can judge your abilities. you also fee…

‘I can do anything’

‘ Nothing is impossible in this world ’

Someone says true that….

Don’t depend too much to anyone in this world, even your shadow leaves when you’re in darkness

5. Be creative at any time

Our  daily life busy with many activities. if we treat our mind in these activities as a mechanically then we can’t enjoy our works. if  we do something in our work daily, then you can enjoy it. go deeply in your work and try to create something new on it. suppose you are go to visit or weekend  that time not only attention on enjoyment but also attention on observing to surround you because creativity generally developed by observation.

6. Keep thinking in free time

We have get many extra times during our routine life at that time we must think on developed new innovative ideas. If you can’t do it then no problem. first try  to  learn drawing, painting, writing, mind-concentration because these activities has a lots work and these work can’t keep your mind free means famous phrase is …

your country culture is decided by its people what he think and do in their free time.

7. Open your mind to covered things

If you unable to give something new then you have to do something.  first you find your capabilities in yourself and list it and then think how many activities are give enjoyment but you don’t know very much or you can’t do those activities. like you have interest in to play cricket but you can’t play cricket well. then you must find your mistake while you playing and try to remove it.  after continuous practice one day you will play cricket well and enjoy much  compare previous you played.

8. Don’t be scared to try something new

Every person afraid of  try to applied his ideas. today’s people have lots of new ideas but he can’t implement in his real life because he has a fear of failure.  I don’t know how people are fear by failure because….

failure is not a opposite of success, it is part of success

we have a most popular example of thomas  edison who was failed in his invention  how to emit light?  approximate 1000 times he failed in his invention but  finally he emit the light.

9. Stable your mind by meditation

A well-rested mind has a higher potential to learn new things and come up with more creative ideas. There are various meditation methods that you can do to help increase imagination.

If we have imagine our idea properly then and then we can implement in best way but imagination power is increased by meditation and lots of observation.

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