Meditation Power


Nowadays our life is going to very fast so, also our  mind and body is continue working with us. We must  give some take rest both. We give relax time at the night but it is only a physical relaxation. We need also mental relaxation for mind and body. This is done by using Meditation Power. So, meditation plays important role in our life.

But question is how to do meditation?

So, some tips for meditation….

The moment you position yourself Indian style like coach(sukhasan), place your arms at your sides, and join your thumb and index finger to say “ooo…m,” your mind, body, and soul begin to transform.

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years to promote spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

Meditation Power

1. Abilities to fight diseases

Some people suffering many diseases. Then 70% diseases mind  framing  so, every time we are psychologically increase our diseases but using meditation we can feel our body like healthy.

2. Increase empathy

In human body,various types of empathizes are available but we can feel only few. Using meditation we can feel some hidden empathizes like we can improve our decision making power.

3. Physical changes in mind

Our mind is very speedy and volatile means at present your mind in India but after few second your mind travel in USA. So, that is big thing to control your mind in own decision. Using  meditation  we can control our mind.

4. Decrease anxiety and depression

Today we have numbers of problems in our daily life so we can feel anxiety and depression about that problems therefore, we spoil our present and going confused. Using meditation we can feel problem-free our life.

5. Improve memory & intellectual power, self awareness and goal setting

In business life, we must require memory power like we have fixed meeting with some other person and then after we forgot it that is mistake is done by memory power. Also we have analyze  numbers of data  and depending on that we should take intellectual decision.

Self awareness and goal setting is also developed using meditation.

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