Muscle Power Development


In human body, there are 600 various types of  muscles are available. These muscles are useful in different works like eye muscle for reading and  looking. If your all body parts muscle are not working with you then we definitely say that you will tire very early.

In some work, we try that thing many times because our muscle not practices on that work just like write an exam paper if we have not prepared our toe-arms-hand-neck muscles  then we will  write only some questions in answer sheet.

Three things  play  important role for developing our body muscles……

Muscle Things


This is gained by our body muscles by The balanced food and also through the blood circulation reduce  tiredness of our muscles.


If our muscles regular practice on particular work than it will prepare for fast response and also muscles are become very strong.

practice makes man perfect


If some particular work often worked by our muscle than it will habitual for that work and next that work go  very smoothly and efficient.

Muscular Power Development Useful tips  

  1. Practise right way to ensure that exercises can be performed through a     full  capacity  and to prevent injuries.
  2. Perform coordinated, explosive exercises before slow, heavy exercises or isolation exercises.
  3. Do first, some light weight exercises.
  4. Include cleans, split jerks, and similar high velocity exercises to optimize explosive development.
  5. Try to catch up slow-to-fast rhythms using correct form.
  6. Rest 2-5 minutes between sets to foster highly explosive efforts on each set.

Success of human working is almost depends on the physical & mental power. Finally we can say…

If you are happy with your body than you can say that you are happy with all things

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