Quit Smoking


Want to stop smoking or help a loved one quit? We’re here for you every step of the way with tools, tips and support. The important thing is to keep trying to quit…….

Quitting alcohol and smoking is TOUGH and ROUGH but, it is worth ENOUGH.

We all know that drinking and smoking are very injurious to our health and our personal and social life. Drinking and smoking go hand in hand for some people, and quitting both at the same time can be difficult.

Some people realize that this smoking and drinking is wrong for us but problem is that they can’t give up it. they have habit that can not give up easily.  Due to this frustration, man can not live his life smoothly. so, if you want to quit your smoking and drinking then follow the simple steps…

1. Allow yourself some other treats

When you want to do smoking at that time you will control yourself  and  eat some either ice cream or syrup. so, your desire will satisfy and you don’t get smoking.  While staying healthy is important, give yourself a little leeway so that you don’t feel denied all the indulgences that you used to enjoy.

2. Avoid places where people smoke or drink

There are many places like club, bar, pub where drinking and smoking are common. There are cigarette and alcoholic drinks  used in 24*7. So, we must avoid go to such places. if you are go there forcefully by some other reason like business meeting then you must keep on your control and don’t touch drinks.

3. Consider how quitting will benefit those around you

It means benefits  to quit smoking and how will change of you and around you. If you are smoking and some people are around stands to you who are not smoking any time. so, he look to you as a his enemy because can’t suffering smoke which comes to in your cigarette. therefore if  you quit smoking then that type of problem don’t arise.

4. Committing to Quit

We must decide inf front of our either  relatives  or friends which  are most like you that today, at this moments I don’t touch any  smoking and drinking things. so that you can’t break your promise because you have promised on your favorite person.

5. Decide how to reward yourself

First, you decide I will not smoking in coming 10 days. then if you successful in your commitment at that time give himself some small rewards like go on long drive or go in watching movie or do appreciate himself.

6. Find out what’s really in cigarette smoke and drinking

If you find how cigarettes or makes in company and which materials are used  during this process. definitely you can’t try smoking again because when you blow cigarettes at that time cigarette releases very dirty smoke which is very harmful to our lungs and hearts. If you that fact then you never try again.

7. Set a date and time to stop smoking

If you  habitual for drinking and smoking or long time then it is not easy to stop it suddenly. it takes some time. because if you stop suddenly today, then tomorrow your day go not well. you don’t  feel comfort. so think with cool mind, which day I will ready for leave this things and set your own days. then waiting that day and quit smoking and drinking.

8. Replace using alcohol and tobacco with more positive options

When you have strong desire for drinking or smoking at that time you can replace with your alternate option like alternate option of drinking is like coconut water,juice, tea-coffee etc. and alternate option of smoking is like lollipop, eat ice- cream,chocolate.

9. Realize cigarettes and drinking do nothing for you

Cigarettes and drinking is a not a part of your life. These things are harmful to you. If you realize that cigarettes and drinking is useless in your life at that time you give up those things. But question is how to realize that thing? so ans is you must read carefully above all tips again try to implements in yourself.

Alcohol is not the answer of all questions

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