Write or Think something then you will get more ideas and confidence


Currently most people use strategy like if i need any specific text for specific topic or subject then he/she just go on any search engine(Like most of is prefer Google), search about it and directly copy and paste the content.

Actually my concern is people is also copy/paste content from the web even he know very well about the topic and subject.

But when you gather content directly from web and set into your place you have no idea about it’s concern because you just read it not create it.

So as per our brain memories and ideas, when you have write or think any new things yourself it will open new blocks of your brain and you get more idea about your current and future things.

One more important thing is when you write or think anything unique like it’s content, project or development on any type of work, It will give you confidence.

Confidence Step

We know confidence if a first step for any steps

Like i could’n write more here about the brain and how you are increase it’s power just read this post you will get more idea :- HOW CAN I MAKE MY BRAIN SHARPER, SMARTER AND FASTER?

When you get more confidence in you, then your Personality about yourself  is grow up and when you your personality is grow your attitude is automatically changed.

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